Monday, June 25, 2007

Reminder: Team Training #4

Crew! Don't forget that we have training tonight (Monday) from 6 - 8:30 pm at GCC in the Jungle Room! It will be one of our more "active" training sessions as we will enjoy guest appearances from two of our friends and ministry partners: Scott Crouch and Dave Cherrone.

Part 1: The "Laser"
Scott Crouch works with the Niles Fire Department and has a passion for team building! He regularly helps GCC teams to prepare for the field by designing fun ways to foster trust and teamwork beforehand. One of the more creative processes that he has engineered is called "The Laser", and consists of a wooden structure constructed to provide a framework for bands of multi-colored lights. These lights serve as imaginary "lasers" that you are not allowed to touch as you move each member of the team through the web. Oh, and the "catch" is that you can only use one "hole" one time, so figuring out who goes through in what order and how they do so is just as much as part of the process as the actual "going". At the end of the experience, you will find that you have to crawl, hurdle and carry team members through in various fashions, and it's usually good for a laugh or two if nothing else.

Part 2: Medic!
Dave Cherrone currently works with the Clay Fire Department, has worked to build the GCC Medical Team, and also provides basic medical training to area schools and organizations. Dave has helped past GCC India teams to prepare for the field by providing a "crash course" on basic field medical practices (including CPR), and has also graciously provided his expertise in assembling the team "medical bag", which is carried to the field by teams as a basic first aid kit in the event of need.
Shown here is Dave demonstrating proper jaw lift techniques in preparation for CPR with Beda "Skip" Dodge in conjunction with preparation for one of 2006's Tsunami Relief teams. Other basic items covered by Dave will include:

* Heat issues (burn, rash, stroke, etc.)
* Insect and animal bites, allergies and irritations
* Recognizing, understanding and dealing with the basics of trauma
* Dehydration
* Abdominal and intestinal issues

While it's always great to say that we never hope to need any of Dave's training, we are always grateful to have it. As the old saying goes, "Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it."

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Nancy said...

You can never be too educated. As always thank you for the medical information! It was fun and no one got hurt tonight. I can't wait for the pictures.