Thursday, June 28, 2007

Reflections: Kevin and Janet Maggert

We don’t think there is any good way to prepare for India. The country is beautiful, extreme, rich, and poor. The colors of the buildings, saris, and faces bring life to sites that might not be so appealing. You may see:

-goat heads in the market place

-elephants on the roadways

-billboards for the latest flat screen TV’s.

-buildings of marble

-homes of thatch and cardboard

-piles of trash and garbage with cows and goats dining

If all this sounds strange or exaggerated, you will soon get to see it through your own eyes. So our advice to the team is to RELAX! Learn, Listen and let God show you the heart of the Indian people who will blow you away with their hospitality, care and love.

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Ryan said...

Found a good description of the modern caste system in India.

Read it below at: