Wednesday, July 11, 2007

17 Days and Counting... Ah-ah-ah!!!

Crew! Can you believe it? In just a little over 2 weeks, we'll be on our way to INDIA!!! These next 17 days will be pretty intense as you prepare, so i wanted to give you another quick outline of what's coming up next so that you will be suitably reminded and informed:

Sleep Simulation: Friday, July 13th - Sun, July 15th
Are you ready? It'll be a blast! For those of you who signed up to participate in the Sleep Simulation and team-building exercise, you will want to make sure that you block Friday evening (10:00 pm) through Sunday morning (whenever you wake up) of this coming weekend to participate. Details on exact specifics, parameters, and protocols will follow in additional posts.

Full Support Due: Monday, July 16th
The full balance of your financial support is due by team training (6:00 pm) on Monday, July 16th.

Team Training #5: Monday, July 16th
You will want to make sure that you take copious notes on Monday night as both Ron VanderGriend and Ron Craker join us to engage details concerning insight into the culture and lives of Indian church planters, as well as how to process what you will experience in India on an emotional, mental and spiritual capacity. Training is from 6 - 8:30 pm in the Jungle Room at GCC.

Shots Round #2: Thursday, July 19th
The St. Joe County Health Dept will be on-campus here at GCC again on Thursday, July 19th, from 5:45 - 6:45 pm in the Meeting Room (same place as last time) to administer the second round of shots for those who would like to have them before leaving for India.

Little India Trip: Saturday, July 21st
We'll be spending the day in Chicago on the 21st in "little India" off of Devon Street with our friends at the Southeast Asian Friendship Center. Initially, we were going to leave GCC at 8 am., but we're having to move that back to 7:30 am due to traffic and construction related issues on the way. As a result, please plan on being at GCC by 7:15 am so that we can get everyone up to speed, loaded and on the road appropriately.

Team Training #6: Packing and Travel Protocols
As many of you have asked "what do we pack?", this will be my opportunity to give you the full scoop. I'll come with all my gear completely packed (minus underwear), and will walk through it with you so that you can get a better idea how to pack and prepare yourselves. Training is from 6 - 8:30 pm in the Jungle Room at GCC.

Luggage Check: Saturday, July 28th
Want to know whether or not what you're packing is too much or too little? Join us at Potato Creek State park on Saturday, July 28th, from noon - 2 pm for a quick hike and analysis. We'll spend some time on the trails, and then, if you like, i'll be happy to look over your gear and recommend any additions or subtractions. It's $5/car to get into the park, and i'll meet everyone at the gate so that we can travel to the trail together.

Each of these upcoming points will receive its own separate post, but i at least wanted you to know what was coming up. It's moving pretty fast from this point forward, so hold on to your hats! And keep counting... Ah-ah-ah!!!

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