Tuesday, July 31, 2007

In Case You Were Wondering, Purgatory Is In Bombay.

So we made it through Customs just fine, but because our connecting flight with Kingfisher Air is a domestic flight rather than another international connector, we had to then find a way to the “Domestic Terminal”. Problem: we didn’t actually have “real” tickets for Kingfisher, just e-tickets, which puzzled the airport official who was trying to herd us to no end. “No tickets?” he would say incredulously, “you know… like on paper?” “Nope…” I would just say and tried to look helpless enough that he would take pity on us, but confident enough to not think he could take us for a rid (that’s a real trick… try it!). After a few minutes, he finally just directed us to a “holding area” off to the side somewhere. Since there was no posted schedule for any bus or tram to take passengers to the Domestic Terminal, and since no one else in the little room spoke English, we all just parked our gear and waited for what seemed an eternity before a little guy showed up and announced that the tram had arrived. In retrospect, we probably only spent 15 minutes in the “holding area”, but when you’re not sure if/whether/when you may ever get to leave it, that can seem like a REALLY long time. I kept having flash-backs to my Catholic upbringing and wondering if this is what Purgatory might feel like.

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Anonymous said...

Soooo glad you've arrived!! I hope those hotel beds felt good after all the travel!! Miss you & love you, Jack!!