Tuesday, July 31, 2007

“Finding Kingfisher”… Sounds Like a Great Title for an Epic Movie, eh?

Kind of like “Finding Forester” or “Finding Neverland” or… heck… “Finding Nemo”… except after traveling on a plane rather than water, dodging delays in Customs rather than benevolent sharks, and trying to find our next flight connection to Bangalore rather than our lost father who now resides in a dentist’s aquarium. Anyway, we finally DID make it to the Domestic Terminal, and we finally DID make it to the security check point for Kingfisher Air. And believe it or not, Bombay Airport isn’t THAT busy at 3:30 a.m., so we just plopped our gear down and waited for the x-ray machine attendants to notice our presence and kick that puppy into gear. Why the rush, you ask? Because having been in Bombay Airport before, I knew that if we could get on the other side of the ticket check-in, they would usher us down to the boarding terminals where there are comfy reclining lounge-chairs where we can snooze out our remaining 6 hour layover in quiet and peaceful slumber.

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