Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Alas, no dice on the comfy loungers! Apparently, the x-ray machines didn’t kick on till 4 (no problem… we waited), but you can’t actually check in for your flight until two hours before it leaves. For us, that meant that we needed to find solace in the non-reclinable waiting chairs and try to get comfy for the next 3 hours. To make matters a little more easily manageable, we found an open currency exchange and then stopped at a snack kiosk to purchase “rations” of a sort. Want to know what we found? Water, of course. Whoof… lugging all that luggage (now I know why they call it “luggage”) is thirsty work, especially when you consider the heat and humidity, and so a little H20 was a welcome refreshment. But that’s not all! A little Lipton Marsala Chai (i.e. what most people think of as “Chai Tea”) was also open, so we did short-cups all around for the team. Gene Ort and Jodi Wagonmaker are featured here daintily sipping Marsala Chai while kicking back and waiting out the…um… wait. But the strangest of all things we found in a little snack kiosk (believe it or not) were Pringles! Yup, Pringles. Ranch, Jalepeno and “Stuffed Baked Potatoe” flavors were all available. I think most of us like Pringles anyway, but THESE tasted particularly good! Pringles… wow… now THAT’s some serious international marketing!


Anonymous said...

Hey Team! So glad to hear you made it to Trichy and getting some quick rest. Definately thinking about you and praying for you! Enjoy the Pringles!!!! - Skip

Sara said...

Hey Brandy, chai and pringles....yummm!!! Hope you are doing well, I miss you lots and can't wait to here from you. Praying for you every day. Love ya, Sara

Anonymous said...

Hello Jeanna! :) We miss you tons here! I'm glad to hear that you got there safely. I hope your doing ok! I just wanted to let you know we are all praying for you! Ruby and I don't like being home with out you there. :(
I wish you were with us when we went jet skiing-I can barely walk today. :( We drove Ruby's little car, but it wouldn't go very fast. We decided we needed a sail to attach to it! Maggie the German Shepherd is at our house again-she is still wearing a bandana . . . it's pretty funny! Well, I just wanted to say hello! Tell everyone else we said hello and are praying for them as well! Have a good day!

Jerica :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeanna,

I just thought that I would say hello and see how things were going for you. I am so glad that you are doing this. You are being missed. We are praying for you and thinking about you and a safe trip. Jerica was telling me that the plane ride was over 40 hours and I give you guys props. You are an amazing person and I am so glad that I have you as my family. Be safe and just remember that we are praying for you and we love you.

Love and God Bless,
Jen Allen :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeanna and Courtney, I love you guys and pray for you all the time...Nothing new here but you will be having all the adventures!! We had fun up North and lots of laughs. I burned my hand on gas station coffee and then what do you know,..Jerica did it too. Crazy. Random. Hope you got to watch some fun movies on the plane. Ruby

Danny V said...

Hey Gene-o,

Missed you for coffee this morning. Yeah, I slept in. Hope you are doing well. And if anyone messes with you tell 'em "watch out, I know chai tea!!!" Peace brother.