Tuesday, July 31, 2007


After taking off from Bombay on our lovely new Kingfisher Airlines airbus, we landed for a quick stop-over in a nice little town called Bangalore. There, we were met by several Bible League friends who had driven some 4 hours from Chennai just to hang out with us (for about 30 minutes) before we took off to head to our final destination in Trichy. Two of our friends (Solomon and Streeter) are recently married, and so we got to hear a little bit about their engagements and weddings, and how happy they are to finally be “hitched” (it’s a big deal in India … wedding feasts go on for more than a week… whoa!). We also spent some time with Immanuel on some GCC/TBL “business” related items, and our friends Yanashaker (we all call him “Shaker”) and Jibarosh (he’s a “premier wheel man” and drives regularly for TBL in their various cross-country ventures). The time really was way too short, and we all left well loved and well encouraged after our brief time with our friends!


J Aquila said...

Josh - Be sure to say congrats to Solomon for me. He was my interpreter while I was there in '05. Tell him I recently got married myself and now we are both old men.

Jeanna said...

Man I miss those guys!!

Hope you are loving your time in India!