Sunday, July 29, 2007

Radio Silent...

Allrighty then... it's now 8:25 and i'm going "radio silent" for the next 8 hours as we load up to make our first leg of the journey. According to our current flight details, we'll make a quick stop over in London (for about 2 hours) before re-loading and setting out for Bombay. If everything works as planned, i should be able to get a quick connection in Heathrow, and will post again then.

If that doesn't work, however... well... we'll catch up in Bombay.

Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers! Any comments that you would like to relay will be happily passed along on to the team!

-samurai jack


Mom Cheryl said...

Brandy and team,

You should have smooth sailing with all the guardian angels around you!
May many lives be changed during this Jesus name!

Thoughts and prayers are with blessed!

Anonymous said...

Hey Team! Hope you have safe travels and arrive in India safely. Thanks for the updates via the blog.......It's awesome to hear how everyone is doing. Praying for you! - Skip

Danny V said...

Praying for you each day. Keep bringing "up there, down here"! Hoping for a fruitful trip. You are awesome. Tell the media geek guy, Gene, I said hey!

for HIS impact said...

hey team...
lifting you up! my thoughts and prayers are with you...let Him shine!!

love you, jodi!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey baby girl.....just wanted to let you know that I've only cried once since you've been gone. I know..I know.. you haven't even reached India yet. You and the team are in my prayers. heart - open mind. Talk to you later. I love you. Brandy's mom : )

Leah Banicki said...

My thoughts all day keep turning to you guys- I pray you are having an annointed trip.
Claiming Duet 28 for you as you obey his command to trust in God and share Christ with others.
"3 You will be blessed in the city and blessed in the country.
6 You will be blessed when you come in and blessed when you go out."

May the LORD bless the work of your hands!
May His Favor fill you to overflow!


Leah Banicki (Love ya Dad- Gene)

Anonymous said...

You are all special folks and I am praying for all of you (especially Gene)...thinking of all your hearts, so specially shaped for service, adventure and LOVE.
-Heather C/N

Anonymous said...

Hey, everyone at home!! The team arrived safely in Bombay this evening! They do not have internet access and I am trying to get info in order to post on the blog for them, but in the meantime, know that they've arrived safely!!

Sami Magruder

Anonymous said...

Hi Alli and Team,
I am so glad to hear you arrived in Bombay safely. Get some rest and enjoy your day tomorrow. I love you and miss you Alli! Mom

Ryan said...

The last we saw of the team they were doing quite well. Just to let The Team know we arrived in Pune OK, 3.5 hours in a taxi on a mountain highway at speeds up to 130Km/hr is scary!


Anonymous said...

Brandy,we all miss you. All of your fsvorite customers say hi and have asked how you are doing! we hope you are having an amazing adventure and may God be working in your life! take care and we will see ya soon!

love higher grounds!

PS how is the meat bran-dizzle??