Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It’s Like a Hamster Wheel… but on a Half-Mile Track…

Okay, so get this… we land at London’s Heathrow Airport and are told that we have to “de-plane” (which always makes me thing of the old serial show “Fantasy Island” with the little guy – Tattoo – shouting to Mr. Rorke whenever he would see “de plane! De plane, buss!” soaring overhead… but that’s just me), even though we were going to take the same plane and the same flight from London to Bombay. I mean, in the “old days”, you could just stay on the plane, but no more, apparently, so we all obediently “de-planed” (“Buss!”) and began what could only be described as a rather surreal sprint through Heathrow, security, long corridors, moving sidewalks, long lines, escalators, stairs, up-ramps, down-ramps, and then more security in an hour long dash to arrive at… yup… the same plane we just left. We even sat in our “original seats”… go figure. Oh well, maybe, if nothing else, we all got some exercise before our 10 hour flight to Bombay.

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