Thursday, July 26, 2007

Feeling All "Indiana" Yet?

Crew! We're getting down to the wire on prep for leaving for India, and by now, you should be feeling like quite the adventurer setting out on a fantastic expedition! A couple of quick notes that you'll want to make sure you pay attention to in these last hours before we depart:

* If you would like to pick up your team binder before Sunday, you can drop in to our offices here at GCC and grab one. They'll be back in Jeanna and I's office (where all my Samurai gear is) until Saturday evening, after which time you'll just have to wait until Sunday afternoon when Jeanna brings whatever is left with her to the United Limo terminal.

* We have our paper tickets in hand, but won't distribute them to you until Sunday when we meet at the terminal. These aren't "e-tickets", and when you get them, you'll want to hang on to them. The deal with paper tickets and Air India is, "no ticket, no plane ride".

* Get plenty of rest! I say sleep all you can in the next couple of days and try not to panic too much about packing and other travel-related details. Your body will both need and want to draw on any reservoirs of rest that it can over the next 10 days, so "stock up" all you can beforehand.

* Drink plenty of water! Like the sleep issue, try to hydrate as much as you can starting now, and lay off as much of the junk food as you can as well. You want your systems to be in peak condition, so try not to make them unhappy by pouring two quarts of Ben & Jerry's down your throat (no matter how tempting that may be) on Saturday night.

* Pray! Remember to pray for your church planter partners to whom we will be going to serve. They are preparing for you just as much as you are preparing for them, and customizing your thoughts as much as possible to praying for them and their ministries is a great way to take your eyes off of yourself and remember why we're really going on this trip!

* Don't forget your felt fedora. But make sure to leave your bullwhip in your "checked" luggage and not your "carry on". Heh-heh...


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