Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sleep Simulation: Don't Worry... It Won't Kill You!

Crew! For those of you who will be participating in the Sleep Simulation this weekend, here are the basic details:

Friday, July 13
* Simply find a place in your house where the floor looks comfortable. It's fine if it's carpet, linoleum, or whatever looks good to you.
* Feel free to bring blankets, covers, whatever you might need to keep you comfy, but don't haul your mattress to the floor.
* The goal here is not to make you miserable, but rather to let your body know how it feels to sleep on a less comfortable surface than what you're used to. Even if you're quite comfy, you'll still feel a little different in the morning.
* Note: I'd recommend not staying up as late as you can for obvious reasons. Try to get a decent night's sleep if you can.

Saturday, July 14th
* Arrive at the Monroe Circle Community Center (MC3) at 7:00 a.m. I'll be there to greet you.
* If you don't know how to get to MC3, you can follow these directions, or click here for Google Maps directions from GCC:
  • Travel South on Main Street from GCC
  • Turn right at Douglas Road
  • Turn left onto IN23 (which turns into South Bend Ave)
  • Turn left at Hill
  • Turn right onto Colfax
  • Turn left onto Main Street
  • Turn right onto Western Ave
* When you get there, you can park across the street at Fred's Transmission's parking lot. Just please be careful to park along the northwest edge (near the trees) so that we don't take up their good customer parking spaces.
* The Construction Team and team leaders have already been prepped in regard to your arrival, so will have lots of stuff for us to do and will attempt to keep us fully engaged. Again, the point is not to make you miserable, but you should really attempt to work hard if you're going to get the full effect of the simulation.
* After 2nd Saturday teams leave around 11:30, the Construction team will provide lunch (usually Barnaby's or Jimmy John's), so you won't need to worry about bringing a lunch.
* After lunch, you'll work until 2:00 p.m., and then be dismissed to head home for a couple of hours.
* Report back to the GCC Atrium for the 5:30 p.m. service. Again, i'll be waiting for you in the Atrium, and we will all sit together during service.
* After service, you will be dismissed for the evening to return home.
* When you go to sleep on Saturday evening, repeat the drill from Friday night. Sleep on the floor in the same fashion.

Sunday, July 15th
Pay particular attention to how you feel when you wake up on Sunday morning. This is a pretty good indicator as to how you will feel on a regular basis in India. We'll ask you how you felt during training on Monday night, so please be prepared to share.

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