Saturday, August 4, 2007

Kavundampadi… Betcha Can’t Say THAT 5 Times Fast!

We arrived at our target destination at just after 1 p.m. and met our church planter and friends. The city we’re in is called Kavundampadi, and will serve as a “base of operations” for us. Our church planter’s name is Samuel, and he’s a gentle, but very charismatic young man (he’s still single, ladies! - see next post for photo and details) who is seriously experiencing the blessing of God as plants churches in this region. His current church has some 400 members, and has grown to that size in just over 3 years, and sports a contextualized, culturally relevant worship service (hmmm… what a novel idea! :- ) that has been very attractive for those people in the area.

Apparently, we will sleep at the church, but make little day-treks out to the villages to engage people with whom he’s been working.

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