Wednesday, August 1, 2007


We had a traditional Indian lunch today, and it consisted of the following:

Rice – Yup, white rice is to Indians what bread is to us Americans. They serve it as a “base” for just about everything.

  • Sambar – Yup, the same “pepper water” from breakfast. It’s really good, albeit a little sharp on the tastebuds. But hey, they don’t call it “pepper water” because it’s bland, right?

  • Chicken 65 – Yup, they actually do call it “Chicken 65”, even in India! It’s chunk chicken that’s been rubbed with a red mixture of (at least the legend says) 65 different spices to give it a “buffalo” sort of “dry-but-spicy” flavor.

  • Chicken Curry – Yup, it’s tasty too. It’s “soupy” the way that Campbell’s Chunky Soup is, and you just pour it straight over the rice. Makes eating it with your fingers a little tricky.

  • Chai Tea – Yup, even in 90 degree weather, the tea is awesome but straight from the boiler.

After eating, you simply retire to the upstairs porch to wash your plate and hands, and then wait for your scalp to stop sweating and your sinuses to re-close after the awesome Indian spices have still lingered on your lips.

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Srini said...

Chicken 65 was originally meant to say that the chicken was cut on the 65th day after it was hatched. On an average the chicken which is 65 days old will taste best and has the best nutrition content.