Saturday, August 4, 2007

Our New Friend, Samuel!

This is Samuel! As mentioned before, he’s quite an extraordinary young man. His family are all Christ-followers, and he grew up in a Christian home, but has faced many challenges as he has been planting churches in this region. We learned yesterday that many of the people that Samuel has led to Christ have been physically beaten or persecuted afterward, and that Samuel himself has been beaten 3 times for his outgoing gregariousness in telling people about Jesus. Still, he stays strong, and his family backs him up all the way. He has benefited tremendously from partnership with TBL and Raj, and has not only successfully and significantly engaged his immediate area, but other villages as far away as 13 km (about 8 miles) and is currently planting “daughter churches” in the remote (and largely unreached) areas. We are looking forward to spending time with him and visiting the homes of many of the people who have already benefited from his ministry, and also in helping in any way that we can to open doors for him that may have previously been closed.

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Joash said...

sad story there... hope he is doing well now!!!