Sunday, August 5, 2007

Postcard From the Land of Surreality!

Yes, that’s a thatched hut in the middle of nowhere. Yes, that’s a satellite dish mounted on the side-post of said hut. “Why would they need a satellite dish?”, you might be asking (we did!)? Well, to get them cable to their government-sponsored television set, of course! Apparently, a new initiative by the Indian government is supplying both free television sets and free satellite TV dishes (only specific channels, mind you) to all Indian citizens. When I asked why, Raj cocked an eyebrow and said, “So that the government can keep people well-informed about what it wants them to think.” Allrighty then. So we people living in significant poverty, children with orange hair from malnutrition, and thatched huts in remote villages… but at least we have TV! It became an exercise in total surreality as we moved from door to door, house to house in the villages, each of which had a faint blue glow coming from inside. When we looked in, sure enough, there were families glued to a small box usually propped up on branches or makeshift tables watching everything from news to what looked like an Indian version of Soul Train. Unreal!

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Anonymous said...

Jodi - i drove by your house! it's still there and waiting to welcome you home to hot showers and a soft bed!! :) will you come over for dinner after you get back? no intestines, i promise!! :)

Jeanna - you really are awesome, did you know?! i can't wait to hear your stories!! you are well-missed!!! can i bring you some DQ next week?!

Josh & Hayley - the kids have had fun picking you out in the blog photos! i hope this has been an incredible experience for both of you! you look beautiful in the pics, hayley!!

Jack - i love you, baby! wish i was with you. i'm excited out of my skin that you'll be back in 2 days!! :) thank you for the great, vivid blogs! i love you, Jack!!! i'll be pampering you big time when you get back!! :)

To the rest of the team, Brandy, Courtney, Allison, Stephen, Don & Gene - i don't know the rest of you as well, but you've been in our prayers and it's been fun to see your photos as you experience India!!

Love to all,
Sami Magruder